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Genuine brewing

Good, simple and natural ingredients. Fragrant Sant’Anna SanThè iced teas are prepared with care and according to the desires of the tradition: with authentic brewing of the tea in Sant’Anna Water and an addition of fruit juice. All are gluten free, with no added preservatives or colourants. In addition, SanThè teas are distinct among other iced teas because they are good to drink even hot.

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and freshness.
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New recipes. Even better.

SanThè Sant’Anna “classics” were conceived for those who love lemon, peach and green iced teas but choose the very best. The ingredients make them special: intense and genuine in flavour, with authentic tea brewing in addition to all of its unique values and Sant’Anna water’s guarantee. Their sizes are also new: from small cups for children and babies, to 0,33 litres bottles for satisfying one’s craving when on the go, to the litre and a half family size.

Decaf Tea

Santhè that children and mums like

SanThè Sant’Anna Decaffeinated is naturally tasty and was created to satisfy the desire for iced tea without caffeine, the natural stimulant in tea leaves. SanThè Decaffeinated Tea is dedicated to children: prepared with the genuine brewing of tea in Sant’Anna Water and traditional lemon and peach flavoured recipes.

A Sant'Anna Santhè for every moment

There is a Sant’Anna SanThè for all tastes and moments throughout the day: for school, breaks at work, relaxing, at the beach, during athletic activities, when having fun, and with friends.