The shape of water.

The latest AD campaigns


The water's promise.

We translate the qualities and features that make our water unique into personalities. We transform the freshness of our mountains and the bright colours or nature into images. We communicate the uniqueness of Sant’Anna’s uncontaminated world with language that is clear, direct and “high” like our water.

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There is a SanThè for every moment, for every taste and for every age

From classic flavours, like lemon and peach, to variant Decaf, SanThè ads are always recognisable. The target and products are the stars of every ad. Flavours, formats and campaigns change, but Sant’Anna SanThè teas are always as good as you imagine.

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Beverages and dietary supplements

We talk about products that spring from research and from the desire to offer clear quality answers to people’s needs and tastes. The message reflects the characteristics of every product and explains them with immediacy. The tone of voice is deliberately educational: the main concepts are the ingredients, functions and benefits. All narrated in the ever more recognisable Sant’Anna format.

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