Imagination is like water, it never stops.

The song of the wind, the design of nature, the effervescent stream of thoughts. The world of Sant’Annart feeds on pure inspiration and craves art, music, poetry and beauty.

75° Venice Film Festival

Sant'Anna goes to the Movies: August 29th to September 8th

Thirsty for cinema? Drink Sant’Anna. Once again the Venice Film Festival surprises the audience and wins it over with an out-of-competition guest: Sant’Anna water. Italians once again voted the star of mineral waters, with its innate virtues and delicious taste, as their very favorite.

Milano Fashion Week

Sant'Anna is fashion: from september 20 - 25

Health and beauty take form in a line from the soft curves and interior lightness. A colour coordinated world in which shades of sky blue and a game of transparencies expose important values. Sant’Anna presents its 2017 Alta Quota collection in this manner to enjoy daily, delicious sips of style.

Press Release

74° Venice Film Festival

Sant'Anna is cinema: from August 28 - September

Spectacular scenery, created by green valleys nestled among the Alpine peaks. A magical soundtrack, the song of the wind on the notes of water that flows freely. Directed by uncontaminated nature. SantAnna arises amidst the stars at 1,950 metres and it wins us over every day with its light and high quality performances.


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