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A couch, the gym, friends
and the outdoors.

A book, a movie, music, chatting…
and a glass of lemon,
peach or green tea SanThé
or decaf SanThé.

Daily pleasures for all tastes.

Pure nectar of gluten-free pear,
peach and apricot in Sant’Anna
water to quench your thirst
and nourish your body
with the precious qualities of fruit.

This is the new SanFruit Sant’Anna,
good and natural, for intense
and pure pleasure, always.

plenty of water

Rebruant, an uncontaminated
spring among granite rocks,
is the highest in Europe
and is the source of Sant’Anna
water: pure and low in sodium
and total dissolved solids.
Its goodness and lightness
has won over Italians drinkers
with the generous strength
of nature.

2 glasses
of water
as soon as
you wake up
help activate

Bio Bottle is biodegradable
in just 80 days.*

* Caps are made of PE
and must be disposed of
with other plastic items.

The same fragrant taste,
the same thirst quenching freshness
of real tea infusion, but no caffeine:
this is our decaf SanThé,
developed for children under three
and all those who,
for health reasons,
cannot assume the natural
stimulant found in tea leaves.

More than 800,000 bottles a day:
this is Sant’Anna’s record
at Vinadio, the largest and most
modern bottling facility
in the world.

A high-tech eco-friendly gem
which delivers Sant’Anna water,
SanThé and SanFruit to your homes
in less than 48 hours.

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