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Production cycle and plants

The Vinadio site is one of the largest production plants in the world and uses cutting edge machines and technologies for the production of bottled water and drinks. Suffice it to think of the huge innovation behind Bio Bottle, the first 100% biodegradable 1.5 l bottle (the PE caps must be disposed of with other plastic waste).

400 km of stainless steel ducts channel and take the water from the Rebruant spring to the 11 tanks at the Vinadio plant, where it is bottled in Sant’Anna and Bio Bottle Sant’Anna water bottles, or mixed with tea infusion or fruit juices to become SanThé, decaffeinated SanThé and SanFruit.

Ten bottling lines are able to produce over 1 million water bottles and SanThé and SanFruit bottles and cups every day.


More than 800,000 bottles a day:
this is Sant’Anna’s record
at Vinadio, the largest and most
modern bottling facility
in the world.

A high-tech eco-friendly gem
which delivers Sant’Anna water,
SanThé and SanFruit to your homes
in less than 48 hours.

Plant surface: 60,000 m²
Duct network: 400 km
Bottling: 12 lines
Productivity: 310,000 bottles/hour

Our excellent high-tech does not stop at bottling stage: the handling of our finished products is entirely automated, and 28 laser guided vehicles move around to organize the goods and load them on almost 300 railroad trains every day.

From Vinadio, the railroad trains reach Cuneo. There, most of them are transferred on the railways to reach distribution to the points of sale. It is a challenging choice, but Sant’Anna supports it with great commitment. Thanks to this system Sant’Anna water and drinks reach the place of purchase and consumption in less than 48 hours and, more importantly, fuel consumption is drastically reduced: it would be much higher if distribution only relied on road transport.

At Vinadio, 18 laser guided robots
– among the most advanced in the world – take care
of all processes, from bottling
to loading pallets on railroad trains.
Thanks to their work, Sant’Anna
water, SanThé and SanFruit
reach your homes in less
than two days
since production,
with all the freshness
of spring water.

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