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One, two… and tea!

Pure and light Sant’Anna water, the best tea infusion, lemon or peach juice and nothing else. Just like our grandmothers used to make iced tea. Three refreshing flavors – lemon, peach and green tea . in three convenient sizes: single-serving cup, small bottle (0.5 l) and family bottle (1.5 l).

This is SanThé, the tasty and natural iced tea which has won Italians over. Its fresh taste is loved by everyone in the family, grownups and children, and its energy is ideal to relax, take a break from work, when doing sport and having fun, alone or with friends, when playing music or enjoying the outdoors.

It offers all the simplicity of one of the oldest tradition – making tea and infusions – and the safety of a tasty, energizing and refreshing natural drink, with no preservatives or colorings, which makes every moment of the day special, at work or your spare time.


The same fragrant taste,
the same thirst quenching freshness
of real tea infusion, but no caffeine:
this is our decaf SanThé,
developed for children under three
and all those who,
for health reasons,
cannot assume the natural
stimulant found in tea leaves.

Lemon SanThé is the expression of tradition: it is made with carefully selected tea leaves and the best ingredients, with no colorings and preservatives. Ingredients: water, sugar, tea infusion (water and tea), dextrose, lemon juice (0.2%), antioxidant: ascorbic acid, natural flavorings.


NUTRITION FACTS (average values for 100 ml)Calories 39 Kcal – 167 KJProteins 0 gCarbohydrates 9,5 gof which sugars 9,5 gFat 0 gof which saturated0 gSodium 0 g



For mothers: is tea bad for children?

Tea contains caffeine and, of course, its infusion does too. Even if the concentration of SanThé is low (1.76 %) it is not a suitable drink for children under three. In the right quantity (one glass in winter, two in summer) it can be a very good, tonic and digestive drink for the school breaks and afternoon snacks of school children. Avoid the evening, as it may have a “stimulant” effect and prevent a restful sleep.    


Those who are looking for the intense, sweet and aromatic taste of summer choose Peach SanThé, which contains 9.5% pure peach juice, adds 9.5% of pure peach juice to the original recipe. Ingredients: water, peach juice (9.5%), sugar, tea infusion (water and tea), dextrose, acidity regulators: citric acid, calcium citrate; antioxidant: ascorbic acid, natural flavorings.


NUTRITION FACTS (average values for 100 ml)Calories 38 Kcal – 163 KJProteins 0 gCarbohydrates 9.2 gof which sugars 9,2 gFat 0 gof which saturated0 gSodium 0 g



Tea, a millenary plant

There is a reason why tea, after water, is the most popular drink in the world. Since ancient times, its plant has spread from the East to the rest of the world and has become, over the century, a breakfast or afternoon ritual, or enjoyed throughout the day. Its fragrant taste goes hand in hand with invigorating and cleansing qualities which make it – in the right quantity – a natural tonic and a healthy refreshing drink for all ages and all times of the day: a walk outside, a break from work or study, a game of cards, a music jam session...


With its gentle and delicate taste, Green tea SanThé has the typical green color that tea leaves have when they are picked. Ingredients: water, sugar, green tea infusion (water and green tea), peach juice, dextrose, lemon juice, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, natural flavorings, salt.


NUTRITION FACTS (average values for 100 ml)Calories 27 Kcal – 113 KJProteins 0 gCarbohydrates 6,5 gof which sugars 6,5 gFat 0 gof which saturated0 gSodium 0 g


Black and green tea: what is the difference?

They come from the same plant, but are processed in a different way. Black tea is fermented, while green tea is dried before the fermentation process kicks in. As a consequence, the two types have different characteristics: more invigorating and energizing the first (fermented black tea), and richer in antioxidant and digestive qualities the second. The choice is up to you… both contain no preservatives and no colorings!


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