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Organic love

Inside, the best Italian water, pure and light: Sant’Anna water from the Rebruant spring, one of the highest in Italy, in the heart of the Alps in Piedmont. Outside, a multi-awarded high-tech bottle of incredible value for us and our planet: hygienic, safe and 100% biodegradable in only 80 days (the PE caps must be disposed of with other plastic waste)!

Bio Bottle is water with the strength of an idea: we offer wellbeing and the highest quality for the most valuable and necessary element in nature from the very first days of life of our consumers, while safeguarding the environment and its current and future inhabitants at the same time.

The mineral water inside the bottle offers the purity and lightness which have made Sant’Anna Rebruant the most appreciated water by Italian consumers, perfect to nurse babies who are not breast-fed and to prepare weaning food.

Bio Bottle – the result of advanced technological research – is the first 100% biodegradable, petroleum-free 1.5 l bottle in the world made from plant materials (only its PE cap must be disposed of with other plastic items): it respects the environment and the important qualities of our water.

With the simplicity that the best ideas have, Sant’Anna Bio Bottle is a unique, good, healthy and green water for everyone. SA_seguito_bio


How do I dispose
of Bio Bottle?
The bottle goes
with organic waste
and the cap
with plastic waste!


In addition to having a beautiful, elegant and ergonomic design, Sant’Anna Bio Bottle is the first 1.5 l bottle in the world made with Ingeo™, a revolutionary natural polymer extracted from plants and with no petroleum or petroleum-derived materials.

The result is a completely sterile and water-proof plastic suited for containers. It is 100% biodegradable in only 80 days (caps are made from PE and must be disposed of with other plastic waste) and the compliance with EN13432 standard is soon expected.

Once its valuable contents are drunk, the bottle can be throw away with other organic waste, like food and vegetables, leaving your house and the world cleaner, causing less gas emissions and wasting less non renewable energy.
A small choice for us, a great choice for the world and it future inhabitants!

Hard or soft water?

The hardness of water measures the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in water. The higher their concentration, the harder the water. Natural mineral waters can be very hard, hard, semi-hard, soft and very soft. The softer water is, the more it helps our body preserve the health of the heart and the circulatory system.

However, based on existing Italian regulations it is not mandatory to indicate the hardness on the label and many waters do not provide this information. Sant’Anna Bio Bottle does, and it is very low: only 0.6 French degrees.


Tabella comparativa

Brand Hardness in French Degrees
Sant’Anna 0.6
Levissima 5.8
Lilia n.d.
Ferrarelle n.d.
Rocchetta n.d.
San Benedetto n.d.
San Pellegrino n.d.
Uliveto n.d.
Vera n.d.
Vitasnella n.d.

Source: data provided on the label by the producer. n.d. non declared data.

After 2012, 2013. After 2013, 2014.

The “Premio Natura” award
(children’s drinks category)
has gone again to Sant’Anna
Bio Bottle, the biodegradable
bottle which reduces
CO2 emissions: by choosing it,
you too can help nature
with a sustainable act.

The perfect water for mothers and babies

Thanks to the purity of a spring at over 1950 m above sea level, in the heart of the Alps in Piedmont, the extremely low content of total dissolved solids and sodium, and the similarly low hardness, Sant’Anna is ideal for mothers and babies: it can be used to nurse babies who are not breast-fed and prepare weaning food.


Tabella comparativa

Brand Total dissolved solids mg/l
Sant’Anna 23.8
Levissima 80.2
Vera 162
Rocchetta 177,8
San Benedetto 265
Lilia 341
Vitasnella 400
Uliveto 762
San Pellegrino 948
Ferrarelle 1290

Source: data provided on the label by the producer. n.d. non declared data

When it comes to consumption
and the environment,
recycling is better than polluting.
The beautiful and functional
design of Sant’Anna bottles
promotes creativity.

With a little bit of imagination,
it is possible to create new
and useful objects and reduce
the amount of waste.

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