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The queen of mineral water

A unique asset – the extra-pure water flowing from Vinadio springs, in the Maritime Alps – plus a modern enterprise vocation, caring for quality, innovation and protection of its precious territory as well as of everyone’s environment.

Thanks to the virtuous union between the mountains’ gifts and the constant effort to improve production and distribution processes, Sant’Anna has become the Italians’ mineral water of choice. This is thanks to its very low sodium content and fixed residue, low nitrites, low hardness – in short, because it is suitable for the whole family, including for bottle-feeding newborns in case of lack of breast milk, and for their weaning.

This top-ranking position has allowed the company and the Sant’Anna trademark (inspired to the saint who protects mothers and infants) to grow into a leading enterprise, able to conquer primary market shares in less than 10 years. Its offer includes two mineral water lines – Sant’Anna and Sant’Anna Bio Bottle – as well as two very successful refreshing beverages: SanThé – iced tea from infusion in lemon, peach and green tea flavor – and SanFruit, pure, gluten-free fruit nectar, in pear, peach and apricot flavor.

From Piedmont, Sant’Anna is looking at Italy and the whole world with the pride of those who work with care and passion to reach top quality. It is also looking ahead with trust to a cleaner world, and it has been rewarded for this by consumers’ choice and by the most prestigious national and international awards.


Rebruant, an uncontaminated
spring among granite rocks,
is the highest in Europe
and is the source of Sant’Anna
water: pure and low in sodium
and total dissolved solids.
Its goodness and lightness
has won over Italians drinkers
with the generous strength
of nature.

Italians choose Sant’Anna
for its extremely low content
of sodium and total dissolved solids,
low nitrates and softness.

Quality is always rewarded

When innovation and research serve the cause of consumers and the environment, results are sure to arrive and be decisive. In recent years Sant’Anna has reached important results strengthening its brand in a unique way and contributing to a renewal of the mineral water and refreshing beverages sector.

After carrying out studies and research in Italy and the U.S., it has designed and produced its Bio Bottle, the first eco-friendly, 100% recyclable bottle. It has chosen to ship by rail whenever possible, thus reducing the company’s polluting impact compared to road transport. It has improved its bacteriological analysis protocols and methods and reduced its warehouse and delivery time, to guarantee the absolute freshness of water and beverages in shops and supermarkets. It has especially focused on top quality and created new products such as SanThé and SanFruit, which have rapidly climbed to the top of the industry. Efforts are rewarded and Sant’Anna can boast to be a true record-breaker in terms of recognitions: in just 8 years, it has received 16 awards, all equally precious, until next one.

capital brands_awards erns_young
Capital Award
Sviluppo del Business 2006/2007
Brands Award 2006/2007/2008 Ernst&Young Award 2007
premio_odisseo cool_brands_2009 sodalist_awards
Odisseo Award 2007 Superbrand Award 2009 Solidas Social Award 2009
miz_advertising cool_brands premio_impresa_mbiente
MarketingOggi Award Bio Bottle 2009 Superbrand Award 2010 Impresa Ambiente Award 2011
imprenditore_anno_2010 codacons premionatura_2012
Ernst&Young Award 2010 Codacons Award 2011 Natura Award 2012
premio_natura2013 prodotto_rosso premio_natura2014
Natura Award 2013 Product of the year Award 2013 Natura Award 2014
Sustainability Award


After 2012, 2013. After 2013, 2014.

The “Premio Natura” award
(children’s drinks category)
has gone again to Sant’Anna
Bio Bottle, the biodegradable
bottle which reduces
CO2 emissions: by choosing it,
you too can help nature
with a sustainable act.

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